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Toimitusaika: 2-5 arkipäivää

Uutuuskuuloke STAXilta suoraan huipulle – paras koskaan valmistettu STAX-elektrostaattikuuloke. Tai earspeaker, kuten valmistaja kuulokkeitaan kutsuu.

Uusi, nelikerroksinen MLER-3 elementti. Resonanssivapaa, luja ja läpinäkyvän, puhtaan äänen tuottava rakenne. Transienttitoisto ennenkuulumaton. Entistä lujempi, resonoimattomampi kehys- ja runkorakenne.

Vaihdettavat kaapelit. Pakattu paulownia-puusalkkuun, paras paikka säilyttää arvokkaat SR-X9000 kuulokkeesi.



20 years have passed since SR-Ω was released. In the meantime, the manufacturing technology of metal-mesh was improved. And through the development of SR-009, the know-how of manufacturing multi-layer fixed electrodes evolved. These factors realized the new flagship “SR-X9000”. “MLER-2”, which was installed in SR-009S, evolved into the four-layer “MLER-3”. An etching electrode and a metal-mesh electrode are bonded using the diffused junction (thermocompression bonding). After 2 generations of STAX flagship models, STAX’s manufacturing technology makes a significant contribution to the stable mass production of big round shaped metal-mesh electrodes. For MLER-3, sound transparency evolved more smoothly than conventional multi-layer fixed electrodes. And the rigidity characteristic resistant to vibration also evolved.

The round shaped metal-mesh which was installed in SR-X reduced air resistance and the effect of reflection. This increased the sound transparency. So, metal-mesh is the ideal material of fixed electrodes. However, bigger and thinner metal mesh electrodes are poor in rigidity and may make sound unclear. This is the reason why it was too hard to install metal mesh electrodes in STAX products. In 1990s, SR-Ω, in which the metal mesh electrode is installed, was developed. Because the metal mesh electrode was made bigger for this model, it had to be reinforced with an adhesive by hand. This is a very high precision work. So, it was extremely difficult to manufacture metal mesh electrodes for SR-Ω. The stable mass production could not be realized. This is the reason why SR-Ω was sold in very small quantities in spite of its high sound quality.

The diaphragm is made of ultra-thin super engineering plastic film. Due to weight saving close to zero, great transient characteristic is realized. From the base to the high range, the linearity of the sound is improved. The area of the diaphragm increases by 20% compared with SR-009S. This breakthrough realizes the widest sound field ever.

The enclosure of the sound unit is made of tough machined aluminum. This new design firmly fixes the sound unit and completely eliminates unnecessary vibrations. The sound wave from the unit flows more smoothly. The acoustic characteristic inside the enclosure is improved to realize clearer sound unaffected by sound reflection.

The guard mesh which is installed parallel to the sound unit generates the direct reflections which affect a bad influence on the sound. This problem is solved for SR-X9000. The guard mesh has pillars of different heights in front and back. This design changes the height of the gap between the sound unit and the guard mesh. So, the guard mesh cannot be parallel to the sound unit and the reflection angle is completely controlled. The clear sound which is not affected by reflection is realized.

The material of the ear pads is genuine leather (sheep skin) which has excellent breathability and softness. Genuine leather makes the earspeakers to closely fit your ears for a long time and you can fully enjoy the high-quality bass and vivid sound. This also reduces fatigue and you can comfortably listen to the music for a long time.

STAX original low-capacity wide hybrid cable made of 6NCu ultra-pure annealed copper wire and silver-plated annealed copper wire. The material of the core cable is 6NCu ultra-pure annealed copper wire (φ0.14×3). The material of the around core cable is silver plated annealed copper wire (φ0.08×9). STAX original wide parallel 6-strand cable is used.The cable can be replaced. You can change to a higher-class cable in the future and easily maintain the cable when the cable is broken. 2 cables (2.5m and 1.5m) are attached and you can choose according to your listening style. The inlets of the cables are installed tilted to the front (not vertically) based on ergonomics. This design contributes to more suitable fitting to your head.

The storage case is made of “paulownia wood” which has low thermal conductivity and humidity control capacity. This case is the best storage solution.


” Erottelevuuden eliitiä. Syväpuhtaasti verhoutumaton. Lajityyppinsä laadukkain. Syystä tai toisesta sen ( STAX SR-X900 & SRM-T8000) äärellä istuttiin useampia ja pitempiä kuuntelutuokioita kuin minkään muun koeponnistajan luona vierailleen kuulokesysteemin parissa. No se syistä ensimmäinen oli tietysti äänenlaatu. ” Jaakko Eräpuu / HIFIMAAILMA (4/2022)

” Recommended Components 2022 Award ”  STEREOPHILE

” It combined all the sterling aspects of the Stax sound into a more natural and more musical presentation, while retaining Stax’s exemplary low-level detail and resolution.”  -yhdessä SRM-T8000-vahvistimen kanssa-  HI-FI+ (March 2023)

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●Type:push-pull electrostatic large circular sound element, open-air type enclosure
●Frequency response:5 – 42,000Hz
●Electrostatic capacitance:110pF (including cable)
●Impedance:145kΩ (including cable, at 10kHz)
●Sound pressure sensitivity:100dB / input 100Vr.m.s. / 1kHz
●Bias voltage: DC580V
●Right/left channel indication: Golden solid line (left) and dotted line (right) on the cable
●Earpad: Genuine leather (skin touching portion), high-quality artificial leather (surrounding portion)
●Cable: Silver-coated 6N (99.9999%) OFC parallel 6-strand, low-capacity special wide cable, 2.5m、1.5m
●Weight:432g (without cable)