MSB The Select Digital Director


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MSB The Select Digital Director kasvattaa MSB DAC:n suorituskykyä ja häiriöttömyyttä entisestään. ProISL-liitännän ansiosta erottaa kaikki digitaaliset äänilähteet DA-muuntimesta tehokkaasti luoden pohjan entistä vaikuttavammalle äänikokemukselle. Huimasti lisääntynyt prosessointiteho avaa ladder-DAC-muuntimien suorituskyvyn uuteen loistoonsa.

MSB:n tapaan yhdestä kappaleesta sorvattu, huippujäreä runko eliminoi tehokkaasti resonanssit. Järeä lineaarinen virtalähde on suunniteltu ja valmistettu MSB:llä.

Musta ja hopea


Optimized audio processing. Superior isolation.

The Digital Director enhances essential DAC functions, externally manages digital audio sources, provides unmatched noise isolation and digital filtering. Using our proprietary ProISL laser fiber optic connection, the Digital Director eliminates noise coupling into the DAC from any digital source. Increased processing power ensures our digital filtering algorithms achieve a new level of realistic and accurate analog reproduction. The Digital Director levels up the performance of all digital audio.

Increased Isolation and Performance

In keeping with MSB’s core design principles, the Digital Director seamlessly supports and augments all current DACs. Two-way communication between the Digital Director and the DAC enables seamless input selection and system settings on a single display and control. By outsourcing digital input modules to the Digital Director, the DAC becomes a dedicated conversion engine while the Digital Director manages and isolates all incoming noise. Plus, our proprietary ProISL laser fiber optic connection eliminates noise coupling into the DAC, elevating all digital audio sources to new heights.

Authentic Reconstruction

Our Prime and Hybrid DAC modules signaled a gigantic leap forward in accurate and realistic audio reproduction. In order to push our audio technology even further, the Digital Director uses two high performance DSPs, each capable of sustaining 12 billion operations per second that work in tandem with two dedicated FPGAs. This is more than 4x the processing power currently available in the DACs onboard processors, extending the life of new and existing DACs well into the future. But that’s not all: advanced new digital filters, born from decades of research and development, ensure our DACs offer a superior authentic reconstruction of the original analog signal. This allows for a more expansive soundstage, and more beautiful textures from complex performances such as massed horns, vocals, close mic’d piano, large ensembles, and full orchestras. What emerges is the most natural and emotional presentation we’ve ever created.

CNC billet chassis

Starting with a 85lb plate of ‘Kaiser Select Precision Plate’, the chassis is machined in our own in-house CNC shop. After more than six hours of machining, more than half of the aluminum is removed, resulting in a 23lb finished product. The integration of our CNC shop allows for design optimization, creating the best possible product. We use premium ‘Select’ metal, giving us the highest quality anodized finishes on the market.

Linear Power Supply

The Reference and Select Digital Directors include an upgraded low-noise linear power supply.  Designed and built in-house, they feature the same custom isolated transformers found in our DAC powerbases. Reducing the noise in the system always results in improved performance— this is no exception.

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The Select Digital Director

Supported Formats (Input dependent) 44.1kHz to 3,072kHz PCM up to 32 bits
1xDSD, 2xDSD, 4xDSD, 8xDSD
Supports DSD via DoP on all inputs
Digital Inputs 4x Advanced isolated input module slots
Controls 12 Volt trigger
IR remote control
Power button
Power control mode switch Display brightness wheel
Fuse 2.5A 250V SLO BLO – 5 mm x 20 mm fuse.
Chassis Dimensions
Width: 17.5 in (444 mm)
Depth: 17.5 in (444 mm)
Chassis Height (Without Feet): 3 in (79 mm)
Stack height: 3.625 in (92 mm)
Weight: 35 lbs (16 kg)
Product Feet: M6X1 Thread
Shipping Dimensions
Width: 23 in (585 mm)
Depth: 23 in (585 mm)
Height: 7 in (178 mm)
Weight: 53 lbs (24 kg)
Included Accessories
Pro ISL input module
Pro ISL cable
Control Link module
Control Link toslink cable
User manual
IEC power cable
3.5mm Mini jack cable