Nordost QBASE8 MK II


1 400,00 (sis. alv)

Toimitusaika: 2-5 arkipäivää

Nordostin QRT-sarjan Q Base8 MK II on Star Earth Topology-maadoituksella toteutettu virtajako kahdeksalle laitteelle. WBT-maadoitusruuvi. MK II-mallissa sulake ja entistä parempi, kelluva rakenne. Voidaan käyttää sellaisenaan tai vielä tehokkaammin yhdessä Qx2 tai Qx4-virtapurkkien sekä Q Kore-sarjan maadoituskomponenttien kanssa.

Saatavana myös 16A-versio IEC19-liittimellä hintaan 2199€

Malli kpl (10A) specialhintaan 1400€


The essence of the QBASE-Mark II concept is a straight-line AC distribution path, combined with star-earthed topology for connection to a clean ground. By eliminating any form of in-line filtering or active circuitry we maintain the lowest possible AC supply impedance, while a tiny lift in the earth impedance of all but one of the output sockets routes the signal grounds directly to the center of the star and the clean earth terminal. Clearly identified on the casework, this Primary Earth socket is at the center of your system’s performance, literally and metaphorically. It defines both the order in which you connect your components and also, their listening priority in your musical enjoyment, allowing you to further optimize the performance of your primary sources.

The sockets themselves are mounted on a customized frame plate and solidly constructed aluminum extrusion with machined end-caps that deliver a reassuring sense of substance. But the casework has far greater significance than that, the metal pieces and internal PCB (deliberately preferred to hard-wiring) constituting a single, mechanically tuned construction, designed specifically to enhance performance. Compare the musical performance of the QBASE-Mark II to the competition and you’ll hear just how effective this is.

QBASE-Mark II units are available in four different models. US, European and Australian versions are available in four and eight output configurations, while the dimensions of the UK 13A socket mean that it is only available as a six-way unit. Each unit now includes a dedicated fuse, providing overcurrent protection of the source circuit to prevent overheating and system damage. A QBASE-Mark II unit is the perfect starting point in the construction of a high-quality, modular AC supply for your system. Its compact dimensions mean that it can be easily combined with one or more Qx power purifiers and outfitted with Qv2 AC Line Harmonizers and Qk1 AC Enhancers as funds allow, while its slim profile makes it ideal for tucking away behind a rack or mounting on the wall.

The QB8 Mark II is also available in a 20 Amp (US) / 16 Amp (EU, AUS) version that uses heavier gauge internal wiring in addition to being capable of handling more current.


“So, here we have that happy occasion when the product under review performed beyond expectations and is a genuine bargain to boot…The QBASE is as neutral as the day is long, in the optimal sense of the word. Delightfully free of any sonic signature and so even-handed, you’ll be hard pressed to . . .”

– Marshall Nack, Positive Feedback


“Reviews sometimes assume a life of their own. This review or at least the idea for this review began when a friend (Sherri) brought a number of Nordost QKOIL models (QV2/QK1) to my home one afternoon so that I could hear them in my system. I had previously visited her home for a demonstration of the QK1 and QV2 and really liked what they did in her system, but was not sure how they might affect my own system. The effects of each. . .”

– Fred Crowder, Dagogo


“For years it was cables, but these days there is little that rattles the cage of the committed audio puritan like mains conditioners and equipment support cones. Reviews of either is almost bound to elicit a rise in blood pressure and a trip to the keyboard to fire off an indignant mail to some audio forum or other. As for tiny, resonating metal bowls that sit on the wall? Don’t even . . .”

– Chris Thomas, Hi-Fi+

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Dimensions (WxHxD): QB4 (US, EU and AUS) – 234 x 67 x 120mm
QB6 (UK 13A only) – 460 x 67 x 120mm
QB8 (US, EU and AUS) – 460 x 67 x 120mm
Input: C-14 IEC (15/10amp)
C-20 IEC (20/16amp) (QB8 Only)
Output: US, EU (Schuko), Australian or 13A UK
Fuse: Yes