Nordost Q BASE Reference


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The Q BASE Reference-virtapuhdistimeen kiteytyy kaikki Nordostin osaaminen virtapuolen saattamiseksi optimaaliseen muotoon huippuluokan high end-järjestelmän käyttöön. Kymmenen laitepaikkaa. Tupla PCB-rakenne, Star Earth Topology-teknologia. Nordostin patentoimat QSINE ja QWAVE sekä QPOINT sisäänrakennettuna. Pre QKORE-maadoitus. 16A liitäntä.


The QBASE Reference is a multifaceted, reference-level AC distribution unit that operates as a filter-less alternative to power conditioners, delivering pristine power to your audio components, without imparting its own sonic characteristics on your system or limiting AC current. This 10-outlet AC distribution device unites several philosophies and technologies from Nordost’s renowned QRT line into a single, comprehensive power component.

At its core, the QBASE REFERENCE, like Nordost’s other QBASE units, is a passive distribution component that uses star-earth topology to address the noise-inducing, conflicting flow of signal and ground paths within a hifi system. It achieves this by providing ground separation for all the devices it serves, and allowing stray voltages and eddy currents to be referred to one, central ground point. However, that’s just the beginning of what the QBASE REFERENCE has to offer. The QB10 offers numerous Nordost technologies within its mechanically-tuned, extruded aluminum chassis, in order to bring a new realm of power optimization and audio refinement to your reference system.

QBASE Reference features include:

  • Star Earth Topology
  • Dual PCB Design, Symmetrical Live/Neutral Topology + Separate Grounding (with Voltage Directionality Technology)
  • Multiple, internal QSINE and QWAVE devices
  • Specifically optimized and modified QPOINT Technology
  • Primary and (optional) Dual Primary Earth Design
  • Internal, solid core Nordost wiring featuring Micro Mono-Filament Technology
  • Pre-QKORE Ground Design
  • Resonance Control Sort Supports

The QBASE Reference is designed to conquer the imperfections and unpredictability of the AC signal, making it the ultimate solution for achieving unprecedented audio purity. Introducing it into your system will allow you to hear your music as it was intended to be experienced.

” This is your next upgrade for those already in audio’s First-Class lounge…Nordost’s QBASE Reference is that important to the sound of your system.”  HI-FI +

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Dimensions (WxDxH):
19in x 8in x 5.5in
25.9lb (11.75kg)
IEC C-20 (20/16amp)
US, EU (Schuko), or AUS