Van Den Hul AES-EBU 110ohm Professional


180,00330,00 (sis. alv)

Toimitusaika: 2-5 arkipäivää

Van Den Hul-kaapeli digitaalisignaalin välitykseen AES-EBU 110ohm liitäntöjen välille. Neutrik-liittimin varustettu. Pituudet 0,8m 175€ – 1,0m  180€ – 1,5m 195€ – 3,0m 240€ – 6,0m 330€.


Single packed with high quality Neutrik NC3FX CC & NC3MX CC – special digital audio XLR (balanced) connectors in 0.8, 1.0 and 1.5 m. lengths.

The AES-EBU committee has set the characteristic impedance for professional balanced digital signal transmission at 110 Ohm. World-wide this typical value is accepted as the standard impedance for professional balanced digital audio transfer. To meet this requirement, already since 1990 our company has been designing high quality balanced 110 Ohm interface cables. The ultimate result is our AES-EBU 110 Ohm Professional cable which provides a superior digital signal transmission quality.

The major design criteria with this cable have been:

  • To provide a stable and precise 110 Ohm transmission line impedance.
  • To provide a very high frequency bandwidth as well as minimal signal attenuation.
  • To provide a very high shielding factor against interference due to external electromagnetic fields.
  • The prevention of material deterioration brought about by external factors, like polluted air or mechanical causes.


  • The AES-EBU 110 Ohm Professional’s internal balanced construction contains two solid core centre conductors each consisting of a 0.75 mm solid core lead, made of high purity dense silver coated high purity matched crystal Oxygen Free Copper (OFC).
  • Each lead exhibits a resistance of 4.0 Ohm/100 meter.
  • The capacitance between both leads is very low: 47 pF/m.
  • The two centre conductors’ respective red and transparent insulation is made of dense polyethylene, which together with their dense silver coating provides extra protection against external mechanical and corrosive aging factors.



0,8m, 1,0m, 1,5m, 3,0m, 6,0m

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