Velodyne Deep Blue DB-10


990,00 (sis. alv)

Toimitusaika: 2-5 arkipäivää

Velodynen uuden Deep Blue-subbarisarjan suosikkimalli. Suljettuun koteloon tehty tarkka ja nopea-ääninen pienikokoinen murisija.

Pitkäiskuinen, uusi elementti. 350W RMS vahvistin. Tukeva kotelorakenne.Monipuoliset liitäntä- ja säätömahdollisuudet, mm. portaattomasti säädettävä vaihe.

Musta. Saatavissa myös koot  8″ 790€ , 12″ 1190€ ja 15″ 1490€


Available in 8”, 10”, 12” and 15” these new DB subwoofer lineup is the predecessor of the successful SPL I series, a very small form factor closed box design.

The completely new rigidly braced MDF closed box design with a front firing woofer for impacting performance without any noise from the cabinet. Due to this small form factor it is easy to integrate into you listening set up. A high excursion driver with massive dual ferrite magnet and optimized internal motor technology, using a 4 layer voice coil for maximum output with extremely low distortion, following the Velodyne Acoustics design principles. Superior bass quality, for a deeper, more accurate bass performance. Line-level and speaker-level inputs let you connect this sub to just about any home audio system.

You can use the variable crossover and phase control to fine-tune the sub’s output, so the bass will blend in perfectly with the mids and highs coming from your main speakers, tailor the sub’s low-frequency response to the acoustics of your room.

Deep Blue DB-10

  • Woofer: 10-inch high excursion, double vented basket driver with PP inforced Membrane. Four Layer 2-inch / 52mm voicecoil
  • Frequency Response: 16 – 280 Hz (overall); 28 – 180 Hz (± 3dB)
  • Amplifier Class A/B: 850 watts dynamic, 350 watts RMS power
  • Low Pass Crossover: 50 Hz to 180 Hz (12 dB/Octave)
  • Input: Gold Plated Line in Stereo RCA, LFE in, Nickel Plated Highlevel
  • Output: Gold plated LFE /RCA
  • Dimensions WxHxDmm: 296 x 316 x 348, Weight: 11 kg

” Highlight, Top Class ”  HEIMKINO (3/2021)

” Klangtipp. Preis/Leistung: Uberragend. ”  AUDIO (5/2021)

” Testsieger. Highlight. Preis/Leistung: Uberragend ”  STEREOPLAY (12/2022)

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Technical Specification

Driver8″ forward firing10″ forward firing12″ forward firing15″ forward firing
Amplifier Class AB800 watts dynamic
300 watts RMS power
850 watts dynamic
350 watts RMS power
1000 watts dynamic
450 watts RMS power
Frequency Response: Overall
Frequency Response: (± 3 dB)
18 – 300 Hz
32 – 180 Hz
16 – 280 Hz
28 – 180 Hz
15 – 250 Hz
26 – 140 Hz
13 – 200 Hz
23 – 120 Hz
Low Pass Crossover50 Hz to 180 Hz (12 dB/Octave)
Phase0 to 180 degrees
Cabinet DesignMDF Closed Box with 52mm / 2” front Baffle
Magnet StructureDual ferrite magnet motor
Woofer8” high excursion double vented basket driver with PP inforced Membrane10” high excursion double vented basket driver with PP inforced Membrane12” high excursion double vented basket driver with PP inforced Membrane15” high excursion double vented basket driver with PP inforced Membrane
Voice CoilFour Layer 2″ / 52mm VoicecoilFour Layer 2,5″ / 65mm VoicecoilFour Layer 3″ / 75mm Voicecoil
InputGoldPlated Line in Stereo RCA, LFE in, Nickel Plated Highlevel
OutputGold plated LFE /RCA
Power SelectorOff / Auto / On
Dimensions (W/H/D) (includes feet and connectors)29,6 x 31,6 x 34,8 cm35 x 37 x 38,8 cm42,5 x 44,5 x 48,8 cm
Weight (approx)9 kg11 kg13 kg23 kg
Shipping Weight (approx)12,5 kg14,8 kg25,5 kg