SA Saxo 16 seinäkaiutin


425,00 (sis. alv)

Toimitusaika: 6-12 arkipäivää

System Audion Saxo 16 on 55cm korkeudeltaan ja 22cm leveydeltään oleva kaiutin seinälle. Syvyys vain 11cm. Ääni suunniteltu toimimaan seinässä kiinni myös bassotoiston osalta. Antaa ison äänen huoneeseen. Herkkäliikkeinen bassoelementti tuottaa nopean ja tarkan toiston. Patentoitu DXT-linssi diskantti-elementin ympärillä.

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Big sound without big speakers. SA saxo 16 hangs on the wall and creates fantastic music experiences, without dominating the room decor.

The SA saxo 16 fits perfectly into the living room of music and movie lovers who wants amazing sound and incredibly elegant speakers that hang unobtrusively on the wall.

It is built in materials that are optimal for sound and the design is created with a focus on the sound experience.

Use SA saxo 16 in your music system or home theater, where it can act as a front, center or rear speaker. It can even hang from the ceiling of a Dolby Atmos system.

If you use SA saxo 16 in a music system it will normally not need a subwoofer to create bass.

You decide whether to place the speaker horizontally or vertically on the wall. Packing materials include front grilles that works with both positions.

The cabinet finish is available in both white and black. The same applies to the front grille, which is supplied in the same color as the cabinet.

Remember, you get a 7 year factory warranty on your SA speakers when you register them with us.

Designed to work by a wall

SA saxo 16 is designed to work under the special acoustic conditions that apply close to a wall.

It uses the laws of acoustics to its advantage when placed on the wall. The bass is deeper and the sound is richer, without any vibration being transmitted to the wall.

That’s why SA saxo 16 sounds bigger than it is.

Specially designed drive units

We have designed the drive units for SA saxo 16 from scratch. That’s one of the explanations for the big sound.

Notice, the patented acoustic DXT lens that surrounds the tweeter. It ensures that your living room is covered with sound. This means that you get the same great sound experience wherever you are in the room.

Also notice the woofer membrane. It is made of extremely lightweight materials. The lightness of the membrane makes the sound cleaner and clearer than usual because the membrane works with greater precision.



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Dimensions (WxHxD) cm: 22 x 51 x 10.5

Recommended amplifier min.: 50 Watt

Recommended placement: Wall, ceiling or shelf

Power handling: 120 Watt

Frequency range: 55-25.000 Hz (+/- 3 dB)

Impedance: 4-8 ohm

Weight: 6 kg

Finish: Black or white

Front grille color: Similar to cabinet

Built-in wall brackets: Yes

In the box: Extra front grille for horizontal positioning

Accessories: Front grilles in white or black