Nordost QWAVE



Toimitusaika: 2-5 arkipäivää

QWAVE on uusi QRT-virtasarjan tuote. Kytketään virtablokin vapaaseen/vapaisiin pistokkeisiin. Tai tyhjään rasiaan seinässä laitteistolle tulevan virtajohdon vieressä. Toimii yksinään, vielä tehokkaammin tuplana. Muiden QRT-virtatuotteiden seurassa myös mainiosti.



Nordost’s QRT AC Enhancers and AC Line Harmonizers are a range of modular, complimentary AC products which improve upon the poor-quality AC that negatively affects the audio/video performance of two-channel and home entertainment systems. Despite their overarching synergy, each Nordost plug-in can be used as a stand-alone product, providing its own, unique solution to the “AC problem”.

Nordost’s AC Enhancers, the QKOIL and the QSINE, are both passive field generators. While the QKOIL generates a field created by its Micro Mono-Filament-made Load Resonating Coil (LRC), the QSINE reshapes the sine wave by introducing specific frequency fields onto the circuit path which, in turn, lowers the effects of EMI noise embedded into the AC power.

Nordost’s AC Line Harmonizers, the QVIBE and the QWAVE, on the other hand, are active devices. They each introduce their own carefully calculated ranges of pulsed frequencies, clocked from the original 50 or 60Hz waveform, directly onto the AC line. This manipulation of the AC signal allows these products to better control the harmonics and overtones attributed to many improvements, not least of which is the enhanced realism of both the musical and visual aspects of performance.

While the effects of Nordost’s QRT plug-ins are clearly apparent when used individually, the benefits of the QVIBE, QKOIL, QSINE, and QWAVE are cumulative and are best enjoyed when integrated into a full suite of QRT products.

Once integrated into a hi-fi system, listeners will notice:
• A reduction of EMI on the AC line
• A lower noise floor
• An increase in the clarity, detail, and pacing of musical reproduction
• Increased imagery and dimensionality of the soundstage
• Greater musicality and improved tonal balance
• A deeper, more dimensional and vibrant picture on AV Systems


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