Nordost Tyr 2 RCA/XLR


3 250,00 (sis. alv)

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Tyr 2 on Nordostin Norse 2-sarjan huippumalli. Patentoitu Dual Mono-Filament-rakenne, solid core-rakenteiset hopeoidut OFC-kuparijohtimet tuottavat mustalta taustalta kumpuavan resoluutiorikkaan, dynaamisen ja nopean äänen. Saatavana RCA- ja XLR-versiona, hinta sama.

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Norse 2 Series interconnects deliver a level of performance not previously possible at their price points. Nordost’s proprietary Dual Mono-Filament construction, first introduced on the legendary Valhalla reference cables, creates a virtual air dielectric complete with an elegantly engineered suspension system. When combined with silver-plated OFC solid core conductors and FEP insulation throughout, the result is the ideal electrically and mechanically controlled construction for ultra-fast, low-loss signal transfer. Optimized conductor dimensions significantly extend the musical performance of the new Norse 2 Series, finally allowing your equipment to deliver its full performance potential, while the consistency of design and materials across the entire Norse 2 Series means that you can easily prioritize a system-wide solution without compromising the coherence of your cables.

In any system wired with the Norse 2 family of cables, when quality really counts, look no further than Tyr 2. The quietest backgrounds, the highest resolution and widest dynamic range of any Norse 2 cable leaves the new Tyr 2 second only to V2 and Odin.

” Editor’s Choice 2021 ”  The Absolute Sound

“…transparency, precision, purity, depth, texture, openness, expansiveness…Nordost’s Tyr 2 loom brings all of this and more to the listening experience. Yet as I wrap up these thoughts another word now pops to mind that perhaps best sums up my analogy between wine and audio: transformative. That is perhaps the ultimate thing I can say about any experience. It takes us to another place, another level of understanding—and, in this case, another level of long-term musical pleasure.”

– Wayne Garcia, The Absolute Sound

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Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP)
Mechanically tuned lay, length and Dual Mono-Filament design
7 x 24 AWG
Silver-plated 99.99999% solid core OFC
Overall Shield Coverage:
Velocity of Propagation:
Gold-plated Nordost MoonGlo® RCA or XLR