Van Den Hul The SUB Hybrid 4,0m


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Van Den Hul:n erityisesti subwooferille suunniteltu, pieni kapasitanssinen välikaapeli laadukkain RCA-liittimin. Toimii hyvin myös normaalina linjatason välikaapelina. Koaksiaalinen, häiriösuojattu rakenne. Pituus 4,0m. Tehdaspakkaus. Sh.239€


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The SUB HYBRID is a high quality coaxial audio cable. It’s been specifically designed for connecting an amplifier to a subwoofer.

Stranded center FUSION conductor for transparency, imaging and resolution. Completely free from distortion.

Low capacitance due to the high quality low-loss dielectrics. This also means excellent dynamics and timing.

Multiple shielding for keeping the signal transfer clean from electrical noise and any kind of interference. Four layers ensure a high shielding factor and low shield impedance.

Hybrid technology means the conductors are embedded in a conductive layer containing our Linear Structured Carbon ®. Applied in the cable’s signal lines and shielding, L. S. C. uplifts the quality and performance with extra mechanical and chemical protection; prevents static electrical charges to arise from cable movements or other dynamic stresses (microphony) and further improves the cable’s shielding factor and noise immunity.

Excellent protection against mechanical and chemical environmental factors. The silver coated stranded conductors and yellow rugged HULLIFLEX ® cable jacket ensure a very long lifespan and performance free from degradation.


The perfect solution for any active subwoofer connection. It’s available as a single lead terminated with our gold plated RCA (unbalanced) connectors C – 8.4 and, in any specified length.



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material Fusion
product category interconnect – Unbalanced, Analogue, Entry-level
product category speaker cable – Single-lead, Entry-level
cable type Coaxial
conductor material High purity dense Silver coated high purity Matched Crystal OFC + FUSION TECHNOLOGY: amorphous Cu/Zn/Ag alloy + HYBRID: Linear Structured Carbon ® saturated layer(s)
design purpose High quality active subwoofer interconnect
eff conductor Core: 0.38 mm² / Core: AWG 21.3 / Core: 19; Screen: 384
external diameter 8.0 mm.
jacket colors Yellow
resistance Core: 0.18 Ohm/m.; Screen: 0.43 Ohm/100 m.
capacitance 83 pF/m.
insulation Core: PE foam; Jacket: HULLIFLEX ® / 300 Vrms min.
connector types Our RCA type C – 8.4; Custom mountable on ordered lengths.